Remedy for the Common Cold




This process has worked 25 years and counting.


There are times when there is excessive drainage passing down your throat. The drainage is caused by fungus and infection growing in your nose.

If the drainage doctors call “post nasal drip” is allowed to continue it will take two paths for your new common cold.


One is stomach flu and the other is lung problems.


If the drainage is stopped there will not be a cold.


If it is allowed to continue overnight it will be a sore throat the next morning.


A slight irritation is the sign that there has been a problem.


My resolution is to begin a remedy from many years ago.


I use “Dristan Cold” Original Formula, Tablets.

The operating function is antihistamine.


For me it will stop the post nasal drainage in 20 to 30 minutes.


Never exceed the warning on the package.


The reason I use the item mentioned is that the tablet can be cut in half.


If I have a minor drainage I use half. If it is bedtime I take one whole tablet.

A tablet at bedtime does two things. It stops drainage and sleeping eliminates drainage while in the horizontal position.


If the irritation has continued the next morning I take a half and go to work. If the irritation continues till midday I take the other half.


I never take a full tablet before driving.


I usually track the number of times I have a serious problem with drainage.

One winter while in elementary school classrooms all day I counted 14 times during a wet rainy winter in Orange County Ca.


The next year it did not rain and the count was four.


I found this OTC that works for me. It is becoming difficult to find.

Only the good drug stores keep it in stock. I have found it on-line.


We do not need another billion dollar shot of anything.

We just need a bit of common sense to go with the common cold.


Never exceed the directions recommended by the manufacturer.


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