The subject is known as Princess Felisa


Felisa has always had occurrences of Asthma since childhood.

The process then became one of learning

allergies  and reactions.


In researching health problems it was found in a


 book called “Eat Right 4 Your Type”.


The book revealed a possible reaction to eggs or chicken


It was learned that she has a deadly allergic reaction to

Chicken, Eggs and Penicillin.


The annual flu vaccine is incubated in egg.


It is known that not everyone has the same allergic reaction.


The process should be tested to determine food groups

or physical and airborne disturbances

that set off the condition.


The results obtained in this case has resulted

in over 20 years with no occurrence of asthma. 


Read all labels on food. Almost everything has egg. 


Eat Right 4 Your Type.

(Dr. Peter J.D’Adamo, 1996) isbn 0-399-14255-X




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